Melika Inaliel

Mech-Tech Supervisor (Juatian Star Port: Lee'Ari 7)


Young Adult Female Juatian Mechanic

Might Agility Smarts Charm DO PA BL SK ChrPt
1d+1 2d+2 3d+2 2d+1 11 4 7 –1 0 / 00

SKILLS: Mechanical Craft 5D+2, Technical Craft 4D+2, Drive / Pilot 4D+2
COMBAT SKILLS: Fighting 2D+1, Dodge 3D+2

RECALL: Can remember past events she has experienced in detail. GM must give specifiic information if asked about past events that Melika has went through in person.

Pilot Fatigues, Tool Kit

Mini-Six rule + House Rules (v. 1210)


Former princess, Inaliel (Ee NAH lee el) tribe
Home planet wiped out, family and friends gone
Had arranged marriage, spouse may still be alive
Desires to re-establish the Juatian culture
Quiet, serious; a loner. Values home, friendship.

Melika Inaliel

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